Moisture measurement in bulk solid processes and food manufacturing

All foodstuff and bulk solids contain water. Moisture defines quality, the capability to store it and with the weight also the price of products. Legal requirements put the frame.

With material moisture measurement you determine the content of water in your food products and bulk solids exactly if you use latest technology. Since more than 20 years IMKO sets standards with TRIME and SONO TDR technology based on radar, especially in applications where capacitive sensors and microwave technologies came to their limits.

Using TRIME and SONO moisture sensors in process applications means quality improvements and cost savings:

  • You measure corn moisture directly in the dryer with temperatures up to 130° C
  • For controlling mash in malting plants
  • In plants with sludge drying
  • With different materials in fluid bed dryers
  • For bulk solids like wooden pellets in screw conveyors