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In concrete plants, gravel plants, treatment plants, the timber industry as well as in processing and storing of agricultural products a high-quality moisture measurement technology is crucial for the optimal process and for the best end product. IMKO products stand for quality and cost efficiency, for flexibility, precision, reliability and innovation. We optimize applications, where a sustainable safeguarding of the resources, energy efficieny or the improvement of manufacturing quality are paramount.

Soil moisture

Our probes all measure ground conductivity, moisture and temperature on a volumetric basis. They determine salinity in soils with different soil moistures quickly and easily. The measurement happens on-site in different soil depths without complex laboratory methods.

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Moisture in bulk solids

We are experts for precise moisture measurement in animal feed, concrete and bulk solids of various types. Our measurement technologies capture data directly in the process, you determine the moisture of concrete for example directly in the mixer.

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Concrete moisture

To evaluate buildings the precise moisture determination is essential. Our solutions support diagnostic and monitoring measures in case of damp damage in existing buildings, verifications of hydrophobing activities, estimations of corrosion risks with steel reinforcements and controlling of restorations.

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