SONO MIX MINI: Mixer probe with wear-resistant ceramic window

The stainless steel housing and the ceramic window support SONO-MIX MINI to be a wear-resistant mixer probe for daily use. Integrated in the housing is a TRIME TDR transducer. It creates a high frequency TDR impulse with 1 GHz, runs along waveguides and builds up an electromagnetic field around the waveguides and the probe within the material. The duration of the impulse measures with a solution of one picosecond to determine moisture and conductivity.


  • The measuring window in a compact size of 90 x 36 mm is perfect to use in limited areas of the plant
  • You avoid disturbing supporting arms in the intensive mixer
  • In case of abrasion the probe recalibrates
  • Fast and easy to build in even in screw conveyors and mobile truck mixers
  • Thanks to the special ceramics the mixer probe is extremely robust and long-lasting
  • A simple use directly in the wipers is possible. You avoid problematic radio connections and awkward battery changes
  • You get precise measuring values by the representative measuring field and the disc-shaped radar scan
  • The measuring behavior is optimized for proportions of color and fine material in the mixture


The SONO-MIX MINI mixer probe is perfect to be built in the following mixers:

  • Intensive mixers
  • Special mixing units
  • Containers
  • Screw conveyors
  • Material funnels
  • Conveyor belts
  • As special version LD or Xtrem it is also suitable for general applications in the process technology