HD2 Mobile: The mobile reading device for TRIME-PICO Soil Moisture Probes & SONO-M1 & SONO-M2 Probes

You just want to quickly know how moist the delivered sand or gravel is? Or you want to check if the moisture of your material is right for the next process steps? Control your quality on-site. With the handy two-rod probe SONO-M1 and HD2 Mobile you measure moisture precisely in sand, gravel, grit and other aggregates.

HD2 is the reading device for the soil moisture sensors TRIME-PICO 64, TRIME-PICO 32 and TRIME-PICO IPH T3/44 as well as for the material moisture sensors SONO-M1 and SONO-M2. The device shows the three most important measuring parameters moisture, temperature and conductivity.

Benefits at a glance

  • Extremely robust and stable
  • Powerful battery for hundreds of measurements
  • Easy use with one hand via four buttons
  • High reliability even under challenging environmental conditions

Applications and advantages

  • Connected to HD2 is the two-rod probe SONO-M1
  • Based on radar technology
  • Handy two-rod probe with solid rods
  • Measurement via TRIME® radar technology with an electromagnetic TDR impulse with 1 GHz to measure the water content precisely to material saturation
  • Display of measuring value within two seconds
  • Robust and watertight structure
  • Probe can be connected to a PC for data collection, change of operation mode or calibration
  • Delivery with a resistant hard shell case for trouble-free transport

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