TRIME-PICO IPH/T3 for precise measurement of moisture depth profiles

With TRIME-PICO IPH/T3 you determine moisture depth profiles fastly, reliably, non-destructively and completely without radioactive ratiation sources.

Applications and benefits of TRIME-PICO IPH/T3

  • Capturing of moisture profiles into 3m depth
  • Cable lengths of up to 25m available
  • Big measuring volume: >3000ml
  • Ideal for soils with high conductivities
  • Robust and proven in use
  • Profile measurements are possible in increments of 18 cm
  • The ideal alternative for radioactive neutron probes and for capacitive tube probes
  • Measuring range of 0…60 vol.% moisture
  • Perfect for controlling several measuring points with only one measuring system
  • Consists of a cylindric PVC body with four-part sprin-loaded plates
  • Measurements in plastic tubes made of stable and shock-resistant TECANAT plastics
  • Tubes are sunk before measurement and stay there while measuring
  • Optimal for mobile usage with PICO-BT because of mechanical robustness
  • Via analog output (0..1V or 4..20mA) the device can be connected to every common data logger werden
  • The TRIME drilling procedure ensures the installation with best contact of tube and surrounding medium

Operating principle

A high frequency 1GHz TDR impulse is created, runs along the metalic half shells und establishes an electromagnetic field around the conductors and with that the TRIME tube probe. At the end of the conductors the impulse is reflected completely and goes back to the source. The time of the impulse (10ps…2ns) is directly connected to the volumetric water content of the measured medium via the dielectric constant. Already after two to three seconds the measured moisture value is shown.

The effective penetration depth of the measuring field comprises around 15cm. The measuring field is most sensitive directly at the surface of the tube, the sensitivity decreases exponentially with a growing distance.